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Our Reverb Store

Authorized Dealer

Best String Selection and prices in town guaranteed!!

No need to make a special trip to the nearest big box store.

Just hop on in and get what you need, when you need it!

New & Used

Vinyl Records

New & Used


Don't Forget!! FREE RE-STRING Saturdays!!!

Bring in your guitar and we'll re-string it for free while you wait!!

(with purchase of your choice of strings)


SIT Strings, short for Stay In Tune, Do just that! They sound great and allow you to focus on your playing instead of tuning. They're inexpensive and long lasting Plus They also come with extra B and E strings Just in case.......



John Pearse Strings are THE BEST ACOUSTIC STRING hands Down!! (IMO)

No, they're not coated! Which is one reason why they sound and feel amazing on EVERY GUITAR!

Come in and check em out for yourself! We have several Guitars in our showroom strung up with these Phosphor Beauties!

Don't worry, we Also Carry Elixirs. ;)


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