Rebecca Dhunganna


Rebecca Dhungana was born in May 1948 in New York City. Her family soon moved to the Midwest where she grew up in various small towns, living mostly in North and South Dakota. Rebecca started piano lessons at the age of 5 and soon discovered that making music was one of her favorite activities. By age 9, she began to play occasionally at her church. Also at this time she began to play French Horn in the school band.

As a high school student, Rebecca learned to play the organ and began to play regularly at church. She also continued to play French horn in both band and orchestra at school. In her senior year, she played in South Dakota’s All-State Band and All-State Orchestra. Rebecca graduated magna cum laude from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, in 1965. She majored in Biblical literature and minored in music with piano as her major instrument. She accompanied a ladies’ trio that represented the university in area churches as well as continued to participate in band and orchestra.

After living for several years in Nepal and Australia, she returned to the U.S. and lived in Michigan until moving to Cobb County in 1981. She began giving private piano and organ lessons in 1985.

Rebecca is a member of the Cobb County Music Teacher’s Association. She has many years of experience as a church musician. She has experience teaching students of all ages and ability levels. She feels that anyone can learn to make music and everyone should have the opportunity to try their hand at music-making.

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Nicholas Heaton


Nicholas Heaton began playing the Cello over a decade ago. 
Throughout his career, he has been an active member of 
Honors Orchestras, Youth Symphonies, Chamber ensembles, 
his University Symphony, and Opera Symphonies. Nicholas’s 
musical career has been mostly classical in nature with some 
contemporary and popular music ensembles in the mix. His 
teaching experience spans most of 5 years. In his teaching he 
emphasizes relaxing during playing to contribute to a better 
sound, more healthy body, and quicker progression.

Mr. Heaton has trained under the renowned cellist Martha 
Gerschefski, whose exploits are too numerous to count, for 
three years in college. He currently practices under Christopher 
Rex, the Principal cellist of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. 
Mr. Heaton is in his Senior year at Georgia State University in 
the heart of Atlanta.

Nicholas first encountered the Cello at the age of 9 when he 
visited a local middle school when their Orchestra put on a 
demonstration. He immediately ran away from his mother and 
started asking the cellist questions about it. Since then, he and 
his cello have been inseparable.

Bradd Poole

Guitar, Bass and Ukulele

Bradd Poole has more than 20 years of stage and studio experience. He joined his first band Delta 9 at the age of 15. Drawing from influences like Duane Allman (The Allman bros) Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bradd began to developed his own style. Bradd enjoys teaching beginners the love of music as well as helping experianced musicians expand their musical vocabulary.


Bradd has played with many great musicians and bands including. The Funky Kings, Man Made,  Zangaro, Kate & Corey and The Law Band.
Currently Bradd plays guitar in his band DynaGroove and also does session and studio work for local artists and producers. When Bradd is not teaching or playing he spends his free time recording bands in his studio and shooting videos all over Atlanta. Promoting local music and introducing his 2 children to the wonderful world of Music.

Kris Anderson

Guitar, Bass & Drums

Kris Anderson is a highly accomplished guitar, drum, bass, and ukulele instructor. A graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music, Anderson holds the 2016 teacher of year award from the Atlanta Society Of Entertainers. Kris has had the honor and pleasure of teaching country music legend Travis Tritt's two sons for almost 5 years now. Kris has proficiency in a variety of different styles; including jazz, country, rock classical, and punk. An active performer, session guitar player, and songwriter, Kris has toured internationally both performing and hosting clinics in Italy, Poland, Great Britain, Germany, France and several other European countries. Among the many accolades and achievements he has gained, Kris has had the opportunity to work with Grammy award winning artist such as Bryan White with his classic country group Kris Anderson and The Would Be Thieves and Such names as Doyle Dykes, Richard Smith, and Thom Bresh with his Dixie Jazz group The VaudeVillains. Kris has been featured on several esteemed local and national radio programs as well as television. Not only does Anderson maintain an active membership with the Nashville Songwriters association, but he is also an established member of the Atlanta Guitar Guild and an endorsed artist by Fred Kelly Picks, Cleartone Strings and Eastman Guitars

Shane Potter

Piano, Spanish

Shane Potter is a classically trained, experienced pianist.  He has been a life-long student of piano performance and theory, first studying with earnest at the well-regarded Ursula Cauffiel School of Music in Toledo, Ohio, at age 8.   After relocating to Genoa, Ohio, he continued private lessons through high school with the accomplished pianist/organist, Ms. Theone Orris.   At age 21, upon completing his Computer Science degree, he returned to study piano performance for three additional years with published composer-arranger and recitalist, Dr. Karen Ball (Professor, Olivet Nazarene University).  Under Dr. Ball’s tutelage, he grew extensively as a performer, technician and musician.  His recital works include numerous advanced compositions from composers such as Schubert, Beethoven, and Chopin.


In addition to his training, Shane has served as a church pianist since age 13 and since 2007, has served as the pianist at Marietta Church of the Nazarene.  He has taught private lessons since 2001 for students ranging age six to 65, and is known for tailoring a personal education program for each student.  He is known for being a challenging teacher and will go out of his way to foster his students’ success.  His personal desire is to see each student achieve his/her musical aspiration. 


Shane, his wife Beth, and their two children have lived in Paulding County since 2007.   They all enjoy music, youth sports, traveling, and spending time together as a family.  After a successful 20-year professional career, in 2015 Shane redirected his focus to teaching and is currently enrolled at KSU, where he is pursuing his second degree in K-12 education.  Shane speaks English, Spanish and German

Carrie King

Voice, Guitar, Flute, Piano

Carrie King is a published songwriter and session vocalist who has had the incredible opportunity to perform with acts such as Alabama, Brad Paisley, Steve Green and Laura Story. Originally from Southern California, she grew up surrounded by music singing from and early age and playing instruments (piano, flute, and guitar) shortly there after. Carrie received her Bachelor of Arts degree from California Baptist University with a dual emphasis in Vocal Performance and Theory & Composition. After graduating she moved to Nashville to pursue her graduate degree in Music Composition at Belmont University.


Carrie has taught students from the ages of 8 to 60+ and believes in an individualized teaching method for each student. Music should be a place where we can explore the different ways we learn and express ourselves. No two lessons will ever be the same. Carrie believes students should love what they are learning while also be stretched and challenged at an age and experience appropriate level. 

Dallas Cultural Arts , Hopp Frogg, Music, Buy , sell , trade , musical, instrument, accessories, dallas, georgia, art
Dallas Cultural Arts , Hopp Frogg, Music, Buy , sell , trade , musical, instrument, accessories, dallas, georgia, art
Dallas Cultural Arts , Hopp Frogg, Music, Buy , sell , trade , musical, instrument, accessories, dallas, georgia, art
Dallas Cultural Arts , Hopp Frogg, Music, Buy , sell , trade , musical, instrument, accessories, dallas, georgia, art